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Download the Official LNFS 2012/13 Guide!

01/11/2012.- The LNFS 2012/13 Guide is undoubtedly the most comprehensive and detailed collection of Spanish Futsal. A complete analysis of the teams in First and Second Divisions, and all its main characters. You can get the guide on line at!
Like every season, Futsal fans will have all the necessary information to know in detail the competition. In the LNFS 2012/13 Guide, all Futsal professionals and fans can find more detailed information on clubs, players and coaches of First and Second Division of the National Futsal League and the full schedule of the World Cup 'Thailand 2012 'and a detailed analysis of all the competitions in which the clubs are part of in the Association and the Spanish national team. The Official LNFS 12/13 Guide also includes comprehensive summaries of all tournaments, national and international, last year.

It also provides data of the 14 clubs participating in First Division, and the 14 participants in Second Division, their history and achievements. Also, information about the referees, pavilions and history of the best league in the world, and all the statistics and trivia, necessary to monitor national and international competitions.

The LNFS 12/13 Guide is an essential document to follow more closely and see firsthand all the necessary information about the more than 400 players taking part this season in both First and Second Division in the National Futsal League. A complete and totally free publication that you can check on-line anytime at, or download.

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