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Victor Acosta writes in Tudela the third page of his book of success

With his win against Reale Cartagena, Rios Renovables stays in First Division, on their debut season in the top category. However, just two years ago, the Navarra was on the brink of the abyss, but since then its progress has had no limits. An upward trend linked to a specific name, Victor Acosta, who has discussed his career on the team´s bench with
"I remember when I got to the team, they only had six points and had very low morale. However, we signed Passarinho, Lupu, and Chejo, who gave an outstanding performance as did the other players, because they believed in the work we were doing. However, it is true that we were saved thanks to a tie between Avilés and León, although in the second round we did extremely well ," recalled the Brazilian coach.

"From that moment the team continued to grow and is worthy of praise, as we started off on a critical situation. The players who got the promotion also gave their all and that was the basis for understanding the challenge achieved this year," he said.

"The first year in the first division is always a very difficult year, as Marc Carmona told me, for example, but I'm very happy to have met the three objectives that I have faced each season, although without that permanence in 2010, the lightning fast ascent of this club would not be understood. Every day the club learns, and I hope Tudela is in First Division for many years, because they have fantastic fans."

The coach said that much of his success he owes it to the fact that "I am always ambitious. In Tudela they´ve been patient with my work and there is salvation. You look back and we´ve been obtaining great feats for three years. That should be the goal of a coach, accept the challenges that management places on you ".

For the coach of Rios, the 5-2 victory against Triman in March "was the turning point" which cemented their stay in First Division "because players became aware that the rivals would not fail all the time. From that moment on, they gave it all."

Also, Victor Acosta described what happened this Saturday against Reale Cartagena as "the perfect salvation," because the game "was a game of give and take, it had emotion, we scored the fourth goal almost on the buzzer and gave an all-out defense against their goalie-player tactic. It was a tremendous end and also with Tudela City in festivities. "
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